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“Binyomin Ginzberg comes by his love of nigunim, the wordless, prayerful songs that are a hallmark of chasidic music, almost genetically [...] Which makes him the perfect person to lead the Breslov Bar Band, a wildly inventive group that brings a funk backbeat and post-bop drive to the songs of the Breslover chasidim, the spiritual descendants of Nachman. With the release this fall of its second CD, “Happy Hour,” and full schedule of live gigs, the group should be coming to the forefront of Jewish music fans’ consciousness.”

George Robinson, The Jewish Week

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“[Happy Hour] is a joyous melee of klezmer, hasidish, funk, rock, ska, punk, and more. I loved the first CD, but this one just hits the spot. For many Happy Hours, check out the CD website and extended liner notes, and then order the CD or MP3.”

Ari Davidow, Klezmer Shack

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“I don’t usually recommend or tout a CD without listening to it a number of times and really getting a feeling for it, but I have to make an exception with the latest release by Binyomin Ginzberg and The Breslov Bar Band. Yesterday, I listened to the preview of their new album “Happy Hour” and I just love how they manage to put a modern and fresh twist on some old classic songs. I hope to be able to do an extensive review of this album as soon as time permits.”

Jewish Music Report

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“Consistent throughout, Happy Hour is happy and exquisitely uplifting, and its charm is bound to demand repeated listening. It is just such a enjoyable listen, and its varying styles keep interest alive. The Breslov Bar Band's Happy Hour will have enormous appeal to any Jewish music as well as any general 'world music' aficionado. I wouldn't part with it! Extensive sleeve notes are also available online, with annotations to each song. What are you waiting for? Be happy!”

Rainlore's World of Music

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